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Bolt Action Toernooi

Zaterdag 6 april 2024
Blankenbergse Steenweg 186, 8000 Brugge
16 plaatsen beschikbaar
Prijs niet-leden: € 20

** Dit bolt action toernooi wordt georganiseerd door leden **



Mail your army list (made in easyarmy)  to gameplay2000@telenet.be before 24/03/2024

Should you decide not to participate or are unable to attend otherwise, please let us know Registrations will be considered locked in after receiving payment.


Included in the price: 

  • 1 beverage
  • One sandwich of choice which can be chosen at the day itself!


8.30                 :  DOORS OPEN

9.15– 9.30      : PLAYER BRIEFING

09.30 – 12.30 : GAME 1

Lunch break

13.00 – 16.00  : GAME 2

16.30                 : Prizes and award ceremony



! Your own drinks or food are not allowed !

  1. Army Composition:
    Players must have the same force consisting of a single reinforced platoon, as presented in the Bolt.
    Action rulebook (page 152-153) for both scenarios.
    First scenario: a force of 1000 points.
    Second scenario: a force of 1000 points.

    Army restricitions: 
    Armies can comprise of a maximum 1 Reinforced platoon of 14 Order dice (i.e. 14 units).
    Campaign book units and lists are not allowed.Theatre lists from each army book are not allowed.
    For example the British in easy army builder have the option to buy a chaplain, but since it is a unit from campaign book D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors - page 115 it is not allowed
    There is a maximum of 1 flamer per army (Both infantry or vehicles).
    Send your army list before 24/03/2024. Not mailing your list on time will result in a 5 point penalty.
  2. Painting requirements
    Armies do not have to be fully painted in order to participate in the tournament but best painted army gets a price.
  3. Models
    All models are WYSIWYG. It is important that you clearly communicate to your opponent what each model represents and it is recognizable at a glance.
  4. Battle Time:
    Each battle is maximum 3 hours.
    10 minutes before the end of the scheduled battle time a warning will be given. This warning means that no new turns can be started, players can only finish the present turn. If the turn lasts until the end of the allotted battle time, the game ends automatically, even if both players have not yet finished their turn and there are still dice left in the bag.
    We expect players to play fairly, at a normal pace and not buy time in order to secure a victory in those last minutes of the game.
  5. Army List
    Every player brings at least 2 copies of the army lists. The lists are public and the opponent can always look at it and ask you questions about your force. Feel free to bring extra lists to play with and/or hand out to your opponent.
  6. Match-Ups
    Pairings for the first round will be random but we’ll try to not pair members of the same gaming clubs. In the following games players will be matched using Tournament Points (TP) and Casualty points,using a Swiss system. If a player has the same TP and Casualty points total, players will be paired in alphabetic order.
    When two players have already met in a previous turn, they will be matched with the next player down in the order to avoid having to fight the same opponent twice.
  7. Tournaments Points
    Victory is calculated as described in the Scenarios being played and Tournament points are awarded for victories, defeats and draws as shown below:
    Results Touraments :
    Victory 3 TP; Draw 1 TP; Loss 0 TP

    In addition, players must also record how many requisition points of enemy units they destroy during their games. These destroyed enemies’ points (let’s call them ‘Casualty points’) are always added together in a running total and are used as a tiebreaker for players who are on the same level of Tournament points.
  8. Scenarios
    The following scenarios will be played, as described in the BA rulebook, on table with terrain that has been pre-set by the organizers.
    Game 1: Double envelopment (Bolt Action V2 P137)
    Game 2: Demolition (Bolt action V2 P139)
  9. Winning the tournament
    The winner is determined at the end of the last round, according to the following criteria: The player with the most TP will be the winner.
    In case of same TP at the top, the winner will be the player with the highest Casualty points.

Wat breng je zelf mee?

It’s always a bad moment when you arrive at a tournament and realize you forgot to bring something.

So here’s a check list:

  • Your army !
  • Dice, Make sure they are readable and clear for your opponent; this means pips should be clearly visible and any special symbols that replace a result should be on the same side (eg, no rolling a number of dice of which some have the symbol on 6 and some on 1).
  • Tape measure
  • Rules, all the latest rules you need, be it core rules, army rules, errata & FAQ,...
  • A extra copy of your army list, always nice to give to your opponent.
  • Objective markers, or a special element representing the HQ Base for the Demolition scenario.
  • A tray to move your army. This can be a display tray to show off your painting / modelling skills


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Bolt Action Toernooi
€ 20
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Na inschrijving krijg je een bevestigingsmail van je aankoop en één week voor de workshop, krijg je nog een herinneringsmail met eventueel alle benodigdheden die je moet meebrengen naar de workshop. Deze staan ook steeds op onze website.


Annulatie voorwaarden 

Om te annuleren stuurt u een mail naar info@neverland.be

Eén week voor de workshop: uw inschrijving kan verplaatst worden naar een andere datum

​Tussen 1 week en 3 dagen voor de workshop: uw inschrijving kan verplaatst worden naar een andere datum, maar u verliest 50% van uw inschrijvingsgeld 

Minder dan 3 dagen voor de workshop: uw inschrijving vervalt, er kan geen terugbetaling worden voorzien

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